Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, here I am sittiting with my perpetual cup of coffee, reflecting on the past few weeks. January is nearly over. November and December were very long hectic months. Not just for the holidays.....they just added to it. My kids were here twice in two months....It had been probably 6 years since I had them all in one place (and boy was my place a small place to stuff all those people into!). Since I work in a retail environment, that added to the bustle. But the after the holidays crunch is finally to an end. I actually had time to sit and tweak the website a bit. I am in the process of adding coffee recipes. That has been fun. Tried them all. Created a few originals. Now just getting them in the system-very time consuming. My weekend is over. Time to get ready for the brick and mortar world once again. If you are reading this, here is some advice we hear all the time, but rarely take.

  • Take a few minutes for yourself each and every day

  • Do something kind for someone daily

  • Develop an interest (outside of work and family)

  • Tell your significant other how important they are to you

Have a fantastic day!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bon Fires and Family

The holidays have come to an end. As always it is a bittersweet conclusion. My children have packed up and gone back to their lives.... being full time working parents --far away, being a full time grad student -- again far away, and off to basic training --so very far away. I tend to ponder (with my cup of coffee nearby) quite often about my children and grandchildren, about their lives and the choices they have made. I see my daughter trying to balance being a wife, mother and working professional and wish that I was closer so that I could ease that burden, but as I look from far away, I realize that I have given her the skills to successfully manage these roles. She is doing an admirable job. I see my son struggling to find his path in life, then I realize we all have to find our paths in our own time. He focuses on his studies, wants to make the world a better, greener, more sustainable place to live for all peoples. My baby, rudely thrust into manhood by his father's premature passing, trying to be like his dad, do what his dad did- make the world a safer place. Soldiers have a big burden, I am proud that my son is willing to take on this burden - for his family, his home, his country. So, I sit ( with that perpetual cup of coffee), and smile. I look forward to the gathering of my children and the Christmas Eve Bon Fires of the future.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another New Year!

The years just keep rolling by. Things I regret are not spending more time with family and friends. As I sit back listening to the roar of the waterfall rushing, I take a sip of my coffee and think that this is the year I put my priorities straight. I WILL take more time to watch my grandchildren grow up. I WILL call my mom more often. I WILL go to lunch with my friends and listen to them. I WILL let my sweetie know how important he is to me. I WILL pay attention to the details of my childrens' lives. Happy New Year to all!