Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time Capsule

OK... it's been a while since I have really posted.... just a quicky here and there. Sorry! The last few months have been totally hectic. WOW. I feel like I might be able to catch my breath here soon.

August 2008 ~ 3rd son, Kyle moved back in with me... When you are used to a dog and a couple of chickens.... the change can be hectic! I am so thankful that he did. I got to spend about 4 months with him. In August, I also flew home (Indiana) for my Mom's first surgery. They removed the tumor, but were unable to get to the lymph nodes.

September 2008 ~ Tried to assimilate the changes in to life and had to turn 49 ( that is one year left to the big 50 or half century mark ).

October 2008 ~ I had to endure the long distant turmoil of Mom's chemo treatments. She had a rough time and was hospitalized 3 times during the course of treatment.

November 2008 ~ Son's long distance girl friend moved to a town nearby. He proposed on Thanksgiving Day.

December 2008 ~ Kyle went offfor the first month of predeployment training. My best friend moved 4 states away. Christmas and New Years came and went.

January 2009 ~ Kyle left for 3 months of training. Wedding planning started for a wedding sometime the end of March or beginning of April. I flew to Indiana for Mom's 2nd surgery, which was postponed due to blood pressure complications.

February 2009 ~ Wedding plans continue-wedding now 90% sure in the beginning of April. Drove to Florida to babysit granddaughters. Flew to Indiana for Mom's last surgery. Buck, a lab puppy, joined the family.

March 2009 ~ Final preparations for wedding scheduled for April 10th underway. (Bride had to go to California for 3 weeks for training.) Mom started her radiation treatments in Indiana. I started a forum for blog comment exchanging.

April 2009 ~ Last minute wedding prep and guests arriving and parties and finally the day arrived. My son was married April 10th. The rain held off until after the reception (wedding was outside in the local town gazebo and the reception in party tents in my front yard!) Then the big deployment day came. The ceremony was a nightmare. The venue selected was not large enough to hold the 4000+ soldiers, the families, friends, dignitaries and gawkers. Many tears were shed that day. Then they didn't leave as planned. We went through another goodbye a week later.

The guests are home. The spare rooms is filled with wedding presents and reception decorations. I am now trying to plan a trip to Florida to see my middle child graduate. He is receiving his Masters degree from the University of Florida on May 2nd. There are no rooms left. We adjusted plans because Mom is able to fly down to meet us. Middle child, Brian, is now in preparation to join the Peace Corps in September. I feel another tearful goodbye coming. The only thing left is to find out that number 1 child is pregnant with her 3rd child. Then my year will be complete! LOL

During all of this (did I forget to say that I started a new job in June 2008) I work full time outside the home and run an online gourmet coffee store! So wish me a more peaceful, restful end to 2009 to enjoy the homestead, my sweetie(who has been enormously patient with me during all of this) and my Sugar, Buck and the chickens (totally better than TV!) And on the other side, I promise to keep more upto date with all of my blog friends whose live are just as hectic as mine! The flowers are blooming. The vegies are growing. The chickens are laying. The coffee is brewing. The daily photos are over at My World or Your World. So stop on by and give me a shout. There is always an extra cup!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deployment Day!

Today, at the Crown Coliseum, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, approximately 6000 young men of the 3oth Brigade began the final steps for deployment. A deployment ceremony was held this afternoon for the families and friends of the young men headed overseas. Why is this important? Look at the photo below. The young soldier near the center to the left and below the red seat is my son, Kyle(newly married). He is one of those young soldiers who will be with the 30th. Please keep him and all the soldiers in your thoughts and prayers.

Young love and good byes are never easy.

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