Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Hello. my friends, welcome to 2009! I was hoping life would slow down a bit.... guess what? It hasn't! Since the holidays, my son, the toy soldier, has left for more pre-deployment training in preparation to head over to the middle east. My daughter need Nana to babysit. My Mom was scheduled for more surgery. So off to Florida and Indiana, I went. In the midst of all that, a new addition was made at our house. I have 5 picture posts that follow. If you have a minute or two, join me in remembering January 2009!

New Addition


Sunny or Not So Sunny Florida

Have You Ever Built A Bear?

Friends, Family, & Fun

New Addition!

Buck showed up on our doorstep about 3 weeks ago.
I think he adopted us.
He is the sweetest thing.
Sugar is still Queen Dog
and ruler of the homestead!


A funny thing happened on the way to the airport.
The granddaughters and I took Dad to the airport.
We were running late(such a suprise!).
And what did we find?

Sunny or Not So Sunny Florida

On my recent trip to Florida.....
you know, I thought....
out the dreary winter cold and gloom!
My 3 days there were rainy cold and gray!
But what happens as I kiss the youngins goodbye?
Yea.... you got it bright and sunshiny!~ Oh well....
better luck next time!

Have you ever Built a Bear?

Friends, Family & Fun

I recently took a trip to Florida to take care of my granddaughters.
We had a blast. Bugs and Taz provided a much needed break from shopping.
I enjoyed visiting with my son-in-law.
And I got to spend time with my best friend!
I miss them all so much!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Snow Snow

I flew out to Indiana last Monday morning.
This is what happened Tuesday morning!
I got back in last night........
this is what I saw.

We very rarely see snow here in my part of North Carolina!
I was really sad not to be here.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

USDA.... Working for GMO companies still....

Taken from the True Food Network

USDA Proposes First-Ever Industrial GE Crop

USDA is poised to deregulate the world's first genetically engineered (GE) industrial crop. Similar to GE pharma crops that use corn for producing drugs, Syngenta's "Event 3272" is genetically engineered to use corn for energy (ethanol) production and not for food. This unprecedented, industrial application of a GE technology poses a variety of environmental, health, and economic risks that must be carefully evaluated to determine whether the widespread use of this GE industrial corn crop should be allowed on farms across our nation.

In a "business as usual" move, USDA, has fast-tracked the commercialization of this GE industrial corn and has forgone conducting a full Environmental Impact Study (EIS), as required by law. Instead, USDA is basing its decision to approve the industrial GE corn upon a cursory and incomplete Environmental Assessment (EA) that falls woefully short of the thorough review the public expects before a new GE crop is approved. Moreover, USDA has failed to acknowledge that this GE technology requires even greater scrutiny since it transforms a ubiquitous food crop--corn--into an industrial crop --ethanol--making it no longer fit for human consumption. READ MORE here......

What to do.... sign the petition.... take control of our food sources

While meant for fuel and not food, this corn will enter the food supply. USDA admits that if Event 3272 corn is intentionally or accidentally diverted into the food supply, it could negatively impact food quality.