Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Walkabout.... Homestead 2008

On Sunday, 12/21, the first day of winter,
Sugar and I took a walk around the homestead...
This is what we found.

A puddle of water from the inch of rain Saturday night and Sunday morning.
And the ferns totally brown.

The garden barren and mulched over.

The sky grey and the trees devoid of leaves.

The chickens were trying to find a dry spot. Still giving up their precious treasures.

Snuggle up by the roaring fire and have a warm and safe Holiday Season!


  1. Lely to end with the fire :) This is a nice contrast to the pictures you took when it was greener. No snow there? It is freezing here!


  2. Thank you for the pretty pictures. Love the one of the chickens!

  3. Can you send me some of that fire?

    I finally finished off my yummy coffee you sent me! It was still soooo yummy yummy!

  4. I like the fire picture.. People need that at these days.. Anyway, Happy holidays to you and to your family.. :)

  5. Wow!! Looks like a cool walk!! It is very pretty where you are! Hi Sugar!!
    Your FL furiends,

  6. i love the picture of the bonfire. very pretty!

  7. The pictures are great, looks like you and cute little Sugar had a nice walk! The chickens are cuties too!

  8. As much as I hate the rain, I'm glad it poured this weekend just to get rid of all the ice on the sidewalks and roads. I fell twice, so I was ready for the ice to melt. Haha.

  9. Great pictures! I love the chickens. :)

  10. That roaring fire looks like just the perfect spot to sit and relax, especially after a long walk. I sure do miss fireplaces.

  11. The pictures are wonderful. Your little sugar is a doll!. I'm so glad most of our 15 inches of snow is gone. Still a little hanging out in the driveway. I never thought I'd be glad to see it rain...but it is better than more snow. Glad I'm not in Spokane...very bad there!


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