Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Hello. my friends, welcome to 2009! I was hoping life would slow down a bit.... guess what? It hasn't! Since the holidays, my son, the toy soldier, has left for more pre-deployment training in preparation to head over to the middle east. My daughter need Nana to babysit. My Mom was scheduled for more surgery. So off to Florida and Indiana, I went. In the midst of all that, a new addition was made at our house. I have 5 picture posts that follow. If you have a minute or two, join me in remembering January 2009!

New Addition


Sunny or Not So Sunny Florida

Have You Ever Built A Bear?

Friends, Family, & Fun


  1. My plane arrives at 5 LOL :) thats awesome I found in blogging when we take a risk either being honest or trying to help someone it oftens pays off and lets us be real about who we are.
    To me Redheads are a weakness I must be careful:) LOL Your a great person and I appreciate your friendship and ATTITUDE people like keep me going
    Have an awesome DAY and thanks

  2. Hi Christina, you're very welcome for the drops. And, thank you for dropping on me too! :)


  3. You're welcome and thank you for dropping on me too, and for your comment!

  4. Thank you so much Christina for the "link love". I appreciate your visiting with me too at 1 Blog & 2 Sides.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  5. C, you may have missed the post about the contest the first (and second) time :) but you just earned yourself four entries for February! LOL

  6. Hey, it's nice to be busy. Better than sitting at home in front of the telly feeling you should have something better to be doing.

  7. Wow - it really does sound like you've been busy!! You're new addition is very cute. :)

  8. Hi Christina...Yep, you've been busy! I now need to go see your "Addition"
    I thought with the years, our lives should slow down some...but Oh no! I sure hope your 2009 brings much joy and glorious days to you, me Dear Friend!
    ~~Many Hugs~

  9. How sweet Buck adopted you! Sounds like a busy start to 2009 :)

  10. 2009 is Quiet a busy year for me.. And I love being busy.. that means I have something interesting to do..

  11. I love seeing the person behind the blog!

  12. You sound like one very popular lady to me... :)


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