Thursday, August 13, 2009

The MailMan Honks Once

The Mailman brought me a surprise.
A big brown box.
It didn't say Avon.
That was the only thing I had order recently.
MMMM Marketing Departmet?
Who Markets Meeee?
So I grabbed the scissors.
I sliced open the tape.
.... lo and behold ~ a brown bag with curly ribbon!
It's too early for my birthday!
(It is a month a way.... HINT HINT)
So what could it be?

Well, check it out!
My comment buddy, BarbaraRae, had a little contest
over at her blog, Goal For The Green!
And I won!
Yes, ME!
I won a prize!
I couldn't believe!

Green Batteries!

I thought, ok, I will probably get a pack of AA's.

But, NOPE!

I got a whole bag of batteries!

Thanks BarbaraRae!

Check these batteries out at

They are landfill friendly.
Cadmium Free
Mercury Free
PVC Free

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries!

A ECO-Friendly battery alternative!


  1. That's a really cool prize! Congratulations! :) I'm gonna go check out the greenfuji batteries- they are a serious problem given all our electronic devices. I like the solar powered ones but I'd like to see why Goal for the Green has recommended these.

    P.S. I've opened the comments on the golf greens, come and drop some green ideas on it.

  2. Gotta love a surprise! Cool prize too

  3. Hi Christina,

    Hope you have a great time with that assortment of batteries. Enjoy!

  4. I saw your name posted at the winner over at her blog! Congrats girl. Surprise Packages in the mail are such a treat!

  5. Congratulations and yes WOW a whole array of what has to be much needed and much used green batteries! Lucky you!

  6. Oh wow firstly congrats for winning! WD.
    I think it's great how these batteries are environmentally friendly. Do you still need to dispose of them properly though or can you actually throw them away into the trash? They should be making mobile phone batteries like this too!

  7. Oh wow congrats!!! Im still trying to come up with an idea for a give away

  8. Wow!! Your still feeling pretty good about those batteries huh. Just stopping in to say "HI".

  9. That's a great prize! Isn't fun to get good surprises like that in the mail? Enter more giveaways!

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  11. WOW! Green batteries! Enjoy your win!

  12. Congrats! Surprises are always the best. :)

  13. Have you used them yet? Do they work the same as regular batteries?

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  15. yes i also like surprises. thanks for this posting.

  16. Its always nice to get a surprise in the mail! I guess paying attention to online contests does pay off!!

    Those batteries should be great for your digital camera!

  17. its really very good and useful information thanks for this.

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