Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Original Coffee Company

Why should you choose a fresh roasted coffee from an online supplier?

Why should you choose coffee that is small batch roasted?

Why should you choose a coffee that is shipped in heat sealed valve bags?

Why should you choose a coffee that is shipped the same day it is roasted?

An online gourmet coffee supplier who roasts in small batches is the only way to guarantee fresh coffee. Coffee is packaged into heat sealed valve bags as soon as it is roasted. The hot beans are put into the bags, as they cool they release gasses. If the valve was not there, then the bag of beans would explode. If you buy coffee without a valve, then the coffee is not fresh. FRESH is the key to a perfect cup of coffee, so it is shipped to you the same day! For more information about coffee:

Storing Coffee

Brewing Coffee

Coffee Taste Characteristics

Tasting The Roasts

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The Original Coffee Company

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