Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Children and Coffee

Good Morning! Here I am (yes, with my cup of coffee), thinking about my kids. My 2nd child, oldest son, turned 25 this week. This has been somewhat tramatic for me. I now have 2 children over the quarter century mark. OH MY! I am feeling extremely aged. He is in grad school in Florida. I really missed being able to celebrate with him. My oldest, my baby girl, and her family are finally (I think and hope) going to move near me this summer. I am so excited (they have teased me with this idea before--this time seems different!) And then, my baby, my youngest son, is off to boot camp in Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I got in trouble for sending him contraband! He wrote and asked me to send chapstick. I did. I just added some KitKat bars..... big MISTAKE! I thought I was being a good mom! Oh, well. I guess the drill sargents enjoyed the candy. Time to go fill the coffee cup!

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