Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time.... MY.... How it FLIES......

Well, It certainly has been a minute since I posted. I don't know why. Sometimes life just blows by in a hurry. I really would hate to say how many cups of coffee I have put down over the last month.... Let's just say the worms are getting fat from all the coffee grounds. (let me explain) I have 3 great loves in my life. Not nessasarily in this order. COFFEE (no duh), My Kids and Family(btw, Kyle, my baby, graduated Basic Training last week! He has another 5 weeks of military training, then he will be home!) Last -- but never least -- is my Sweetie and Companion! He is retired, but tries to keep busy. He tends an organic garden for us (yummy stuff)! He cultivates and sells ferns. He grows worms. Worms make excellent compost for the organic garden! Worms LOVE coffee grounds! So his passions and mine meet well.

The Last Adventure At HOMESTEAD CREATIONS....


What, you ask, is aquaponics? It is a closed biosystem, where plants and and fish are cultivated at the same time. We are in the process of building our first system. OH MY! What a task. If you would like to really check out aquaponics... the Aussies really have it down. http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/

Needless to say this is not or one or two hour process. This is days ... weeks even. First the concept, then research, then research the research (where is my spreadsheet---Yes dear you are my sweetie!) Then the SHOPPING ..... new green house cover.... barrels- yes 9 scrounged and bought as of today. Rocks (peagravel) bought and transported.... they are heavy. (now to wash them) Well, today is trying to plumb the project.

Fish live in water. The plants use the nutrient gifts the fish leave in the water. Then the water returns to the fish all clean to do it all again.... in the end... nice fresh vegies and nice fresh fish....

Can't wait!

Well the Coffee Cup is nearly empty. I have rambled quite enough for one day!

Drink it hot!

Drink it fresh!



PS.... Does anyone know where to get a small amount of tilapia fingerlings in the US??????


  1. Hello Christina,
    My name is Travis W. Hughey. I am the guy who wrote the barrel-ponics manual and started the whole barrel aquaponics movement. Do you know of our yahoo group here in the states? If not just type in barrelponics in the group search box. I also have a website with a lot of info as well at: http://www.fastonline.org. Concerning fingerlings, how many do you need? Where are you located? I may be able to help once you get your system up and running. Let me know if I can help.

  2. Hi,
    I did a search on "retired" and "coffee" and arrived at your blog. If you belong to a coffee group, would you mind stopping by my blog to answer some questions there? I'm working on a folklore project for my university class (back in school at 52!) on coffee groups, the games they play, the lingo they use, reasons they're important to members, etc. Thanks!
    -Jeannie http://whimsicaljeannie.blogspot.com/


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