Sunday, May 17, 2009

News from the Homestead!

Meet the Queen of the Homestead!

Our lovely bees came home today and were given a new condo.
Rent will be in the form of delicious, natural honey!

They arrived in this box!

All 15,000 of them!

Except for the Queen and her 6 attendants.

They were given separate deluxe accommodations.

Getting ready to take up residence in their new home.
Sugar the wonderdog, ever diligent in her oversight of all homestead newcomers!

Let's do the bee shake!
With a rather rude awakening the bees were assigned quarters in the condo!

Settling in.

Senior bee master, Sugar, hard at work.

Welcome home little stingers! Make lots of honey!


  1. Wow! What an undertaking; Sugar seems veeeerrrry interesting in all that is going on.

  2. looks a little scary - watch out, doggie!

  3. Hey Christina,

    I love honey! So, does this mean that you will produce your own honey? That is so cool!! :D

    Way to go, girl!


  4. I can't believe he's not even wearing gloves or any other things to protect him. Too scary for me!

  5. it's neat that you could produce your own honey. i have to say, though, that the bees would freak me out...probably because i'm allergic. :)

  6. it look so intresting i love honey and i think its a complete procedure of putting otu the honey but its little hearty too

  7. Can you believe I've never been stung by a bee?

  8. You are much braver than me!! I am so scared of bees because I stepped on a bunch of them when I was little and got a stinger stuck in my foot. :( I love honey, though! Yummy!

  9. Wow its a neat and clean honey you can made in our house. thanks for information.

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  11. OMG! How gross haha! As interesting as I find bee keeping, there is no way I could do it. Just the thought of their legs is giving me shivers.

  12. Holy cow just the thought of dumping (or receiving for that matter) that many bees is freaking me out LOL! Good luck with the honey making though! (Better you than me!)

  13. Do you have any honey yet? I'm super intrigued by this!


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