Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day in nature...

A day in nature.....

My son, Kyle

My best friend, Vickie

A lost dog rescued, and returned to his owner.
Thank goodness this dog had a tag with a current phone #

Found along the path....

turtle returned to the river!

Babbling Brook

A moment of rest along the way.

More babbling brook...

Ok more babbling brook...

Enough already with the *^&%**@#$

Lovely stairs to climb

Ok one more babbling brook!

If you are ever in Raleigh NC, I highly recommend taking a stroll through one or more of the fantastic hiking, biking and riding paths at Umstead Park. We had a very enjoyable day.
(Y'all are lucky.... I forgot my camera... these were all taken on my cell phone!)


  1. What fun! I love creeks sooooo much

  2. Looks so peaceful! And green! Living in Las Vegas, I do miss the green of back East!

  3. That looks just like Turkey Run in Indiana. So pretty.

  4. That looks like a ton of fun.

  5. What a quiet,leisure spend on a babbling brook, taking in the seasons changes! Think I need to find one of these places...
    ~Hugs to you Christina~

  6. Nice pics! Any waterfalls there?

    My brother would love to set up a tent and camp out for a few days in places like these. He usually does so in Pulau Tioman (Malaysia) cos we live in Singapore.


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