Wednesday, October 1, 2008


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September Droppers

# of drops

Picture to People 31
Simply Shiny Artisan Handmade Jewelry 31
Wonderful Pic Colection 30
New Orleans Food & Fun 27
Money Ning 26
FruityOaty 26
Pinoy Gaming World 26
Mommy's Little Corner 25
My gypsygoods 25
Cardiogirl: 19% body fat 100% fun 25


  1. Just stopped by to say Hi,I hope that you are having a great day.

  2. Christina, thanks for dropping by rebel Zn. Man I WISH I could have a coffee - I love it but it's bad for my guts (some rebel huh? Lame!)

  3. You have so many droppers. I'm just new to this dropping thing. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Hi Christina~ What are "droppers" anyway?
    Thanks for the advise today...but we don't get any cell phone coverage out here either!!! we are in the "dead zone" from being able to get DSL..1 mile either direction from us! I had to upgrade Wild Blue just to get some speed to come back here, will downgrade again when my "levels" drop..said it can take 30 days!! This has been slower than dialup! I did learn a lesson tho! No music, and very little video watching! This sucks living so far away from the 'new world'! I did get a bunch accomplished since I couldn't hoses gathered and put away, and even cleaned my 'miles and miles' of gutters!
    Hope you're having a great week! (you didn't say if that was your MUG I was seeing the other day!!)

  5. @mike... thanks for stopping by!

    @seamus... I really enjoyed browsing your info. Sorry about the coffee... I couldn't breath if I didn't have my coffee!

    @tiohem... It can be addictive. I have found sereral blogs that I totally love through it. But I don't try to do 300 anymore.

    @WOW... Yes, it was my mug... (reluctantly admitted). Somedays I would trade my cell reception for the solitude of a homestead far from anyone. We had to wait 3 months when we moved here for TimeWarner to bring us cable. I love my RoadRunner. VzW aircards are the wave of the future, but if you don't get a signal... then it is no good. I probably would have grabbed a book.... I don't do gutters! LOL Have a great day!

  6. thanks for the linky love ;)


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