Thursday, March 5, 2009


I was out cruising my favorite bloggers. My friend John at Potpolitics is all about link love. He asked us to share our top 3 bloggers. This was my response:

Aside from you, my friend, my top 3 favs are:

Lacy from Razor Family Farms
Lacy is an awesome young lady that has her head on straight. She tells it like it is. She has started down a path to adopt 4 adorable children. She “Rocks like Kiss”!

Barb from A Cowboy’s Wife
Barb is a great woman who has seen many trials through out her life as a cowboy’s wife. It is a hard life. One that she gladly embraces with her cowboy. She never fails to lift my spirits.

Robbyn from The Back Forty
Robbyn is a fellow homesteader. She blogs about everything. She shares wonder tips. She lets us know how her life plans are going. She doesn’t let these horrible economic times destroy her wonderful spirit.

These are my top 3. Not listed in any particular order. They are wonderful women. I enjoy being a small part of their extraordinary lives. Please do visit them. They will only make your spirit richer.

Thank you, my friend, for this opportunity to share these fabulous women.

Again, I thank John for reminding me of the wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting across the world of blogging.


  1. Christina
    I usually stay up all night and enjoy the peace of the night what a great way to start the day
    reading this.If everyone spent time thinking about others our whole country wouldn't be in
    this mess. Maybe we're starting something :)
    Your the best thanks so much
    Have an awesome day thanks

  2. Great post ~ how nice to thank those who you've come across or those who have come across you! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can I add my favorites, too? I love -- she is unafraid to expose a lot of our parental fears as urban myths (often foisted upon us by an industry that sells most when we are most afraid). I also love reading Nancy McDermott on Spiked Online, a British version of Slate. And, predictably, I enjoy Lisa Belkin, who's the parenting blogger at the New York Times. She always has great, thought-provoking topics. Thanks for lettin' me share! -- Lenore "Free Range Kids" Skenazy

  4. Thanks for more great blogs to investigate! And this is a perfect marketing idea :)

  5. Aww.. thank you! I love your blog, too.

    Every single bit of it!

    Plus, I love the blogs that you mentioned. Robbyn is an on-Earth angel. I loved her upon reading her prose and loved her even more as she began to share her life journey. She's an amazing individual with a heart so full of love and compassion.

    Not at all unlike yourself, actually.

    Blessings and thanks,

  6. And Barb needed a comment all of her own. I call her Momma Barb and she is precious! Her love and support means so much to me. Without her I would be one lost blogger. So many times, I find myself thinking of her. She has so much strength and so much love. She's an on-Earth angel, too.



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