Thursday, March 26, 2009

WeSay Photo Contest!

I have browsed around over at SocialSpark for a while. I don't have enough time to do the paid posts for "a living". If I post something in my blog it needs to be relevant and interesting. Well, I got an email today about an opportunity. Ok~ I go check it out. It was for this site WeSay.

WeSay is an Online New Site. I like their tag line "Your News. Your Photos. Your Voice." They post photos from mainstream media. They also want to publish photos from the amateur photographer. They want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the news gathering process. "We" the people have lots of eyes and ears and cameras and cellphones to snap away at the news and current events happening around us everyday. Check them out, I did. I liked what I saw.

This is what I got from browsing their sight. WeSay is a place for photographers to get their work seen. It was plugged as "news photos" at first. But what they really want is "current event" photos. I traveled through WeSay and indeed I found some really great and interesting "news" photos. And I found some really great "current event" photos. Besides being a really cool place; WeSay is having a photo contest. The Contest Ends 3-31-09... so get your entries in soon! Who couldn't use a new printer or gift certificates to Ritz Camera? What is your category? So I say " check out WeSay for yourself"! There's an amateur photographer in each of us. Let me know "news" you saw today!

Photo Contest

Here are the prizes:

Grand prize: Epson Stylus Photo Printer R1800 (or cash equivalent).
What can you win? First prize: $100 gift certificate to Ritz Camera.
Second prize: $50 gift certificate to Ritz Camera.
Third prize: Free Photo Book from

What can you win?

Contest details
Contest runs from Monday, January 19 to Tuesday, March 31, 2009.

Main categories: News, Environment, Sports, Celebs, Far-out.
Special category: Winter Sports.

What can you win?
(You can win by entering ANY category. Just make sure your photos fit the themes.)
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  1. This site sounds really cool! I like that amateur photographers can have their pictures seen by the world via a site like this. Off to enter the contest - thanks!

  2. lol Just read about this in Heathers blog and It sounds great. Im looking through some photos at the moment. Thinking abotu entering, Im going to see Jimeoin tomorrow night if I had my good camera I would take it and enter a celb photo lol

  3. Thanks for the tip on SocialSpark! I'm new to all this, every advice is good advice right now. Good luck with the contest!

  4. Just because it's paid doesn't mean it can't be relevant and interesting. You proved that with this post!


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