Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Last Days

Well, it is 9 days and a wake up til the big day!
Flowers are arranged.
Tent and chairs and dance floor is rented.
The preacher is committed.
The cake and food are ordered.
The rings are bought.
The keg is chillin'.

Still so much to do.

Kyle is due fly back into North Carolina today!
I haven't seen him since January!

Wish us luck...


  1. Good luck! I'm a fellow coffee gets me through everyday life with a smile!
    Best wishes for the big day!

  2. I know all the feelings you have until your BIG day! I wish you all the luck you need and a wonderful day on that day! Just relax and smile! :)) who will do your wedding photos?

    Finally I'm able to visit your blog again - thanks to good connection quality - and sorry for the long absence! Traveling and driving sometimes almost 8 hours a day is very tiring and often I just don't feel like sitting on my laptop at all. I know it's sounds like an excuse, but it is not! :))

    Sue's Daily Photography

  3. Very cool! It sounds so exciting.

  4. LUCK!! I cant wait to have my own wedding. Fingers crossed everything goes great for your family!

  5. i'm so excited for your family! good luck with all the final preparations. i can't wait to hear how it goes.

  6. Oooh, it's getting so close! Good luck, and I'm sure it will be a PERFECT day!

  7. I am sure it will all go swimmingly. But the best of luck, just in case ;)

  8. Best of Luck to you and your family for an absolutely perfect event!

  9. Enjoy this special day! I know we'll get to see lots of photos and I can't wait. My daughter's wedding is in August and it's coming up fast too.

  10. And it turned out beautifully!!!
    I didn't read any hitches along the way, so a grand day in it was!!
    (Wish my son would find the perfect match!)


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