Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Reads...

See the legislation Crongressman Kucinich from Ohio has introduced HERE

Safe guard the meaning of ORGANIC Read and Sign the petition HERE

Read "Barren Spring" by Bonnie Azab Powell HERE Author~Claire Hope Cummings dishes the dirt on genetically modified food


  1. The meaning of organic should be far more prevalent in our society!! I urge everyone to sign the petition. Especially if you buy organic!!

  2. hi christina,
    i'm sue. i'm repaying your visit to my blog yesterday on which you said you didn't understand the content. actually, it was written in my mother language - Malay. i do blog in english too.

    anyway, i love coffee too lately. previously if i drank a cup of nescafe, i'd lie down for a long time. i felt the world was spinning. but soon after i gave birth to my 3rd child, the feeling has gone. i just don't know why.

    nice to meet you! cheers!

  3. Thank you for the links, Christina!

    I've been canning and soaping like a crazy woman. Josh had a jump today so after church -- I finally got the chance to visit my favorite blogs.


  4. Great links...I'll be able to enjoy reading them this weeked...can't wait! :)


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