Sunday, August 3, 2008


1st place ~ Barb from A Cowboy's Wife ~ $50 to spend at The Original Coffee Company

2nd place ~ A Tie! Kathy from Brazoscowgirl and Robbyn from The Back Forty
Cafe Essence Layered Candle to Kathy and 16oz Mystery Jar Candle to Robbyn

3rd place ~ Lacy from Razor Family Farms ~ Cappuccino Dessert Mix

A Special Thank You to all who participated!

If you are an EntreCarder I will put your "card" on my blog. Non Entrecarders... Get with me, I would love to put your picture/logo with link up!

Email me your shipping information to theoriginalcoffeecompany at yahoo dot com


  1. Whoa, thank you, Christina...I actually won something!!! Yayyyyyy!!! Ah, the mystery candle...and I do love a good mystery. did I mention Yayyyyyy?? :) wooo hooo!

  2. Yay I won!!!!! I am so thrilled, since I have been so busy at home I knew I hadn't done much lately on it! So glad I met you Christine!

  3. Ph my goodness! I only just now got a moment to visit your blog because I've been up to my eyeballs in beef tallow and what do I see? A bag of dessert mix for me? WOW!!!!! Thank you!!! Please know that my page of blog-buddies has not been posted to the new site yet -- we're still under construction! Just as soon as I can it will be up and running with links to my best pals (**clears throat loudly** That's you, Christina!).

    I'm off to do the dishes.

    Blessings and thanks!

  4. Christina...Yep...I am an avid coffee consumer, can't live without it! My mainstay in my subsistance....
    BUT...More importantly than winning your contest.....
    I have "won" a very dear friend!
    Thank you Christina for that!
    Sorry it's taken my computer, Internet,& allow me to get here. It is 2:27 am!! 8/9/08..I haven't gotten here for over a week! I was determined tonite!
    I will email you tomorrow!
    Thank you Lady! I am so glad you came into my life!

  5. OK, I think I sent you my now I'm seriously brain dead and can't remember, arghhh :) Let me know if I didn't...I can't wait for my Mystery!! :) :)


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