Friday, April 25, 2008

Simple Living....Is there such a thing?

I often wonder if there really is "simple living". I go off to work 45 hours a week. I did reduce the commute from 130 miles a day to 20. I use a fuel efficient car. We have always gardened. My sweetie tends the garden for us. Unfortunately, I really don't have time to do alot of food preservation (I am the breadwinner). I have in times past been able to do it all. I look forward to the time I can do it all again.

This year has been a year of growth toward more sustainability. We have started an aquaponics venture. (Just about ready to plant--the water has finished cycling) We have aquired our chicks... ( should start laying in September) I am building a coop out of mostly recycled materials.

One of these days, we will venture on the right project that will give us the income to live more sustainably without me in the brick and mortar workplace. We would love to produce enough to sell at the local farmers market. I would love to run a camp to teach our youth about sustainability. We are working on the journey.... as more people join the journey, the world will become a cleaner, nicer place. Thank you to Rhonda Jean at Down to Earth for her inspiration that touches so many. and thank you to Lacy at Razor Familiy Farms for leading me to so many wonderful, like minded peoples....


  1. You sweet thing, you! My dear friend, I just adore your blog and love this post. You are an inspiration to me!


  2. Hi Tocco. Like many people, you're wondering what is so simple about this life. I loved reading your story. I hope you get to enjoy life at home more soon and that you get that camp for teaching sustainability. Thanks for taking part and sharing your story.

  3. It is great to read your blog and see the changes you are making in your life! It does not seem like your life is getting any simpler per se, but the changes in your lifestyle are definitely making our environment a better place. Also, it is great that you are planning to teach and spread the word to give advice about how any person can make better, more sustainable lifestyle choices. Educating our youth is essential to advancing the move toward a more sustainable environment. This blog really is a great source of information and inspiration for anyone considering implementing any time of “simple living” practices into his or her lives. I will be sure to recommend it to people!

  4. its great to be able to share your journey to a simpler more sustainable life,


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