Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Razor Family Farms Challenge

Click on the image and read about the challenge my friend, Lacy, has issued. Tell her Christina sent you!


  1. You totally rock like KISS!!!

    I am working on getting the kinks out of the code-that-won't-work. Grrr...computers.

    Bless you for liking all the changes! Did you know that the pictures along the side of the main page are links to the pages? My bleary-eyed, sleepy self is very worried that no one will know about that.

    Thank you for taking the Challenge. I'm so excited about it I could do jumping jacks -- and it is WAY too early for that!

    Bless you and thank you!

  2. I just finished watching the video and am in tears. The fact that companies are permitted to treat people in such a way -- and all for the sake of the almighty dollar -- horrifies me. We don't own any Round-Up and I've never used it but know plenty of people who do. Pass through any suburb and you'll find a crazy number of people outside spraying their yards with all kinds of crazy toxic chemicals.

    As a teen, I spent many hours digging up weeds from our pasture. It was hot and back-breaking work but I learned a lot about myself. It was a great way to work off frustration. Why can't the public roll up their sleeves, put down the Prozac, and pull some weeds? It did me nothing but good -- still does.

    Thank you for sharing that video. I'll post a link to your site in my blog entry today (if I ever get around to writing it).



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