Saturday, June 28, 2008


Wow... It doesn't seem like a 100. But then July is CoffeeCoffeeCoffee's 1 year anniversary! I would like to take this time to thank all my blog friends for their comments and support during this adventure!

Lisa at Too Busy To Clean (my very first blog/group buddy!!!)
Lacy at Razor Family Farms (who always has a comment and lets you know she reads your blog!)
Robbyn at The Back Forty and Talkin' The Walk (who always has fantastic information!)
Junemoon at like water on a rock or off a duck’s butt… (who always maks me think and smile!)
m~ at The Suburban Farmer and In The Kitchen ( who is always a loyal reader!)
Farmgirl_dk at On the way to Critter Farm... (I just love her donkeys!)

There are several others I read on a regular basis~just check out the blogroll!

But to celebrate my 1 year Bloggiversary and my 100th post.... A CONTEST!!!

This contest will run the entire Bloggiversary month of July!


  • Link to my blog on your blogroll 1 point

  • Link to my blog on your side bar 1point

  • Link to my blog on your side bar with Logo 10 points

  • A mention in one of your blog posts with link 2 points

  • A referral from you 15 points

  • A link to my website 25 points

  • A link to my website with Logo 50 points

Just leave a comment on this 100th post with the information where I can find what you linked to and who referred you (by blog url). I will keep track of points and announce the winners by August 5th at midnight!

YES.... I said winners. I am still lining up the prizes. At this point, there will be 5 prizes.

The Grand Prize will be A $50 gift certificate from... The Original Coffee Company!!!!

As soon as the other 4 are nailed down, I will update this post! Happy contesting!

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment! I will get back to you!

Here are the links and images. Use the direct link or image code or copy and save the image direct.

Codes and Links for buttons

Url for The Original Coffee Company=

Direct link to image=

Image code= [IMG][/IMG]

Url for CoffeeCoffeeCoffee the blog=

Direct Link to image=

Image code= [IMG][/IMG]

#1 Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="#1 Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee"></a>

CoffeeCoffeeCoffee~the blog
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="CoffeeCoffeeCoffee~the blog"></a>

thanks again to my many blog friends..... I hope you have loads of fun!


  1. I am in the middle of blog redesign, but I promise to put your button my blog when I am done. Right now I will put you on my blog roll!

  2. I will put the button on my sit on Monday. Promise!

    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!


    Off to church...


  3. You are on our blogroll! We love coffee at PlotDog Press!! We'll see if we can do more!

  4. I'm working on it! I'll do ANYTHING for Coffee! In case you didn't notice..Coffee is my motto! I can live without A LOT of things...but NOT coffee!
    Congrats on the Anniversary!!!

  5. I'll take a crack at've put coffee on my brain, lol! It'll be tomorrow before I can get it together...shall hopefully report back :)

  6. Thanks to everyone who has commented.... I am easy...
    Kathy~it just has to be done by July 31st...
    Lacy~Monday is great...
    Plotdog~thanks a bunch! Thanks for the drops too!
    WOW~~ I made a spread sheet.. You were my first big taker. You are at the top.
    Robbyn~~ hope all is better at home. I look forward to your "report"! Ps Techorati is going up!

    Sweet dreams all

  7. Hey again,
    alrighty, gal! You're already on the blogroll, your company logo and link are next to the organic baby food company of one of my best friends on the side bar, I mentioned you in the most recent post (you'll see what a good fit it was :)) and I linked to your site and put the logo on sidebar...did I do it all right? I have no idea if I can send you referrals because my site's not commercial, but hopefully having it on the sidebar will send some folks your way. Congratulations on your business and your 100th post :)

  8. Cool beans~hot coffee.... way to go Robbyn!!!

  9. Tocco.....Okey dokey..check out my latest blog! Do I have it all completed..on my end?

  10. Spread sheet all up to date! WOW is in the lead.... 61 point!
    Thanks to all my friends for participating.... Send your friends... tell to mention you in a comment. You get 15 points for the referral!!!!

  11. Okay I did your button and you are on my blog roll. I need some help with bradblogging link. Can you help me? I am not getting my links over when I post into blogger.

  12. Yea!!! so far...(can't count my chicks b4 they're hatched...but..if ya check out my 'profile' and my "Mug" shot avitar, you'll see that COFFEE is for me!) I LIVE for COFFEE! :)

  13. It's funny...I put your company button in my sidebar because I like your blog and now I come find this entry. LOL Didn't even know I was doing it for any other reason that just out of showing some love (and my love for coffee, too)! So hey, put me in the running...I got catchin' up to do to get up there with WOW. LOL


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