Sunday, June 29, 2008

Contest Prizes!

$50 to spend at The Original Coffee Company

Cafe Essence Layered Candle

The bottom layer of this soy candle is Biscotti, followed by a middle layer of Chocolate and finally topped with Coffee!

from LunaWolf's Mystical Essence!*

16oz Mystery Jar Candle

These are my creations when I have extra wax left from pouring candles. So insread of tossing it I pour it into a mason jar. I do not know what all the scents are, that's what makes it exciting!!

from Stephanie Squared !*

UPDATE*************New Prize Added 07-05-08

Cappuccino Dessert Mix

Just blend with cream cheese, Cool Whip and they are ready to fill chill and serve. Just add to graham cracker pie crusts, decorate, chill and serve......from Peddlers Kitchen!

Still more to come.... will update when I get the Okay!

*Luna Wolf's Mystical Essense , Stephanie Squared , and Peddlers Kitchen have affiliate programs. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, just put my name, Christina Nelson, in the Fax line!


  1. I added your button to my website!

    I'm off to knitting circle.


  2. Oh My...a woman after my heart! An affinity for coffee and candles? Oh yes, me, too!

    I am adding your button to both of my blogs. And thanks for dropping by to see me at Craft Therapy!


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