Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Original Coffee Company

Most of you know ... I have a coffee website
The Original Coffee Company
Well summer is a slow time for coffee
( I don't know why-I have to have it year round!)
I know not every one is a coffee drinker,
but you probably know one!
a special for all my blog friends
this is a good gift for a coffee lover
or treat for you!

8 ounce bag of Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Organic Coffee


8 ounce bag of Chocolate Almond Gourmet Flavored Coffee

whole bean or ground, your choice

ONLY $15 (includes shipping)


  • need your choice of grind
  • mention the blog
  • and where you heard about the special

Pass it around! Maybe a contest..... MMMMMMMMMMM
Tell them to mention YOU in paypal comments!


  1. Coffee is a yummy thing for many and it makes for delicious homemade ice cream, too. I think you should post some recipes using coffee beans, too. I'd love to trade recipes!


  2. Good suggestion, Lacy! Will do!

  3. Ok major YUM looking at those coffee beans! I'm not a coffee drinker as much as a tea drinker, but I AM a coffee smeller...mmmmmm, just the smell is awesome! What a great price...I hope you get a lot of online orders!!


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