Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Immediate Action Needed

Once again, my friend~ Robbyn at The Back Forty has let us know what is going on with important issues reguarding our rights as citizens and our food supply.

For her complete post click on the above link.
Why am I sending you there? What is NAIS? Who cares?
I am sending you there because she has put the information in a clear, easy to understand manner.... I can't improve it ~ so why try. Click on her link!
The NAIS is "National Animal Identification System". One more governmental control on how we supply food to ourselves..... basically a system to shut down small self sustaining farmers and homesteaders.
This is from No NAIS . org
1. NAIS does NOTHING to address food safety issues from the
processor to the simply moves the burden from corporate meat
packers, who don’t follow the rules, to independent livestock producers.
Missouri’s Family Farmers believe it is extremely important to ensure consumer
confidence in the safety and health of the U.S. food supply while at the same
time ensuring the economic viability of independent livestock producers.But NAIS
does not meet the needs of producers or consumers.
3. The majority (>92%)
of family farmers in Missouri (and the rest of the nation) are opposed to
4. The Truth About Animal ID.: Creates an undue economic burden on
producers, does not include identification of imported meats, does nothing to
increase consumer choice or confidence, expands packers ability to unfairly
discriminate against family farmers.
There is alot of information about NAIS out there... research it yourself.
Why should you care? You have to eat too.... where does your food come from? How expensive has it become to feed your family? How wholesome are the foods you eat? Does government control too much already?
I want to be able to have a cow and milk it and drink the milk..... if the USDA has their way ..... the small homestead is history!


  1. I agree! We all need to step it up and protect our food before it is so tampered with and destroyed that we may as well be eating toxic waste.


  2. And I agree also! I don't vent my political views too often, but it seems that once the Gvmt gets involved & inflicts more & more of their "regulations" on our lives, we lose so much of what this country was founded upon! We were once a self-sustaining country, yet quickly we have become reliant on huge corporate decisions & other countries to survive????
    Our own country's food chain is diminishing & disintegrating. I truly believe, that if those of us who are caring & conscience of our earth, our sustanance...we COULD & WOULD maintain a safe & plentiful food supply in our is our livelihood, our right,it is our survival! Why would we want to sabotage the Gvt seems to want to do.

  3. Yes NAIS is an awful idea, one more way for the big farmer to get rich and those of us small time making it too expensive to maintain a few animals.

  4. Thanks so much, Christina, for spreading the word about these concerns. I'm very worried we're losing many of our constitutional freedoms in backroom deals far from the public eye initially. I was completely unaware of them myself before finding this online community of bloggers, and I'm still so new to the issues. But I can see that they are foundational and a lot of our future depends on what direction these things go. I'm appalled at the FDA, at the NAIS, and at corporations such as Monsanto...all of which I had no idea about before reading blogs such as yours. We need to continue to talk about them and act to preserve our right to knowing and growing what's on our own plates, who gets to have the say so, preserving our privacy rights and our freedoms as small farmers, growers, and citizens.


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