Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OMG.... It's been 5 days without a post!

All I can say HELLLLO EVERYONE! I really haven't been MIA.... like some people.... anyone know what happend to Lacy..... She put up her new blog.... noone has seen her since. Then Rhonda Jean is gonna try to publish her Blog! Down to Earth You gotta check it out! My friend JUNEMOON... she has made some fantastic accomplishments this year and has gone off to the North Land for a bit of relaxation. Danni and her Donkeys..... if you don't follow this one, you should start! Robbyn has been a busy girl... got a new job, and a new blog Talkin the Walk, go see her if you need some encouragement! Holly, I have been visiting your girls on a daily basis! I hope it helps for them to hear some positive comments! And many of you other blog friends, I visit often! Thanks for being there!

On the homestead here.... the chicks get bigger every day.... the garden is growing.... strawberries are almost finished... garlic is about ready for harvest! The aquaponic basil is from another world.... I can't believe it... it is huge! Sugar is ready for summer to be over. This heat wave is getting to her.

I got my add url up and running on my site. If you want to trade links just go here!

Trying to start a forum.... just don't know how or if I really want to.. www.coffee.forumcircle.com

New job going great..... anyone using verizon or wanting to use verizon ( the largest Network in the nation )..... I can be your personal cell phone agent!!!! wooo hoo.... really check it out if you need a cell phone, or to update , or to change service! my email theoriginalcoffeecompany@yahoo.com


  1. I'm still around! I just can't post yet. The new design is not in place just yet and I am having trouble posting.

    My designer is working night and day to get me back up and running!

    I miss you! Things have been wild around here. I have a family staying at my house until all the bats in their house have been captured. 85% of them left but the others made their way downstairs from the attic and are flying around their house. The bats flying around the living quarters, according to local experts, are most likely infected with rabies. This means that we all had to get shots. I helped them pack up which means that I am at risk too. Today, I'll be going in for my second series of shots.


  2. Hey, girl! So glad your new job is going well! Thanks so much for the mention of the new blog...how sweet :) I've started a new job, so the first few days my posts will be scarce. So good to see you back!

  3. I think I'm happy I didn't make the MIA list :) I've been here... just getting fat and slow ( I know, pregnant is NOT fat..but still... I'm HUGE!)

    I can't wait till I can go back to drinking good stuff! All this water is making me float!


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