Friday, September 5, 2008

Hanna is coming to visit.....

Well,  you would think I would be used to these things.....  But you know, I haven't dealt with the threat of a hurricane up close and personal in quite a while.  For 5 years in Okinawa, we looked forward to the frequent "Typhoon Parties" when the base went into lock down and all you could do is look at rain pound you for 5 days.   3 years in Hawaii only a couple of tropical storms came our way.  Then 10 years on the Gulf coast in Florida.  But now I need to get ready for Hanna.  Water, flashlights, food that requires no cooking--- everything small and loose put up, bigger stuff tied down.  She should be arriving sometime in the wee hours.  Please let her be gentle!

Have a great day Everybody!


  1. our relatives live in southern Florida and came close to incurring Hanna's wrath, but now it looks like Ike is heading right for them. So we're praying for all of you in the hurricanes' paths, all the way up the coast. You stay safe too!

  2. We're praying for everyone in Hanna's path!


  3. Oh Christina..was wondering if you were in Hanna's way! Do be safe!
    My thoughts are for all of you in that neck of the woods!


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