Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lessons Learned


I really mean it ~ E V E R

Put your contacts in after cutting up onions and garlic!

OMY gosh! Bad move. I got up, browned my pork roast, sliced onions and garlic.
Got the roast in to slow cook while I am at work.
Took a shower. Did my hair.
Washed my hands (because you do everytime)
THEN put in my contacts!
(I only started wearing them about 6 weeks ago.)
OMY gosh. My eyes were on fire.
I used my drops, cleaned them, used more drops.
Well, eventually, I just tried to put on make up.
Cried all the way to work.
Now my baby blues are swollen and hurt!

So heed this contact wearers of the world~

Contact Lenses and Onions DO NOT mix!


  1. Oh, sounds painful... and reminds me when my daughter was bartending and rubbed her eye after making a drink with tabasco! Ouch is right...

  2. that sounds painful.
    i hope you've stopped tearing by now.

  3. Youch I can't even be in the same room as someone peeling onions. I can't imagine.........

  4. Oh no, must be so bad, I hope you are ok now.

  5. Laughing..Oooops..that's not nice...chuckle...not nice either..
    Sorry Christina! That's kind of like chopping Jalapenos and licking your fingers...
    still grinning...even tho it's not nice..
    Are those YOUR Baby blues???? in the picture...showing us your "Mug"?
    Hope you're eyes feel better now...

  6. that's why I never stopped wearing glasses, not to mention I'm a losey cook.

  7. I can't even imagine how much that must have hurt. You would think after a shower and washing your hands, but I guess not. I doubt you'll forget that next time though.

  8. thanks for dropping by. its my turn for circle surfing.

    have a nice day!

  9. Just be glad it wasn't chilli. There's a reason they use that stuff in a spray.

  10. ouch, sounds really painfull, i hate cutting onions, my eyes stream as soon as i start. Hope they have calmed down now.

  11. Thank you to all the well wishers. I will definately put in the lenses before cooking from now on. My eyes are still a bit swollen and tender. But I will live.... much to the dismay of some... Have a great day everybody! Christina

  12. I would assume that would be a given, no offense. That sucks though :( I hope you are ok now!

  13. oh crikey! and it's not like you went directly from onions to contact lens either. You poor poor thing!

  14. Now that it sounds like you're recovering, just think, someday it'll make a good chapter in your book.

    "Eyesore: Things Not To Do Before Inserting Contacts!"

    I'm thankful I've not yet had the need for contacts. I'm sure the pros must outweigh the cons though, for most users.

  15. thats sounds sooo painful. I know I have been peeling onions and then wiped my eyes, thats not something I will soon forget either.

  16. Okay, my eyes are watering just thinking about it!

  17. Ouch!!!
    That had to be horrible. On the brighter side of contacts though...If you wear your contacts while you cut onions they keep you from tearing up. I can not cut up onions unless I have my contacts in.

  18. Owie! Owie! We hope your eyes are all better now!
    Your FL furiends,

  19. LOL. I learned this lesson the hard way! It hurts so bad I wanted to cry.

  20. or chilli :) just blowing in from the linkback project :)

  21. Christina,
    You are officially #1,106 on the Big Bang. Thanks for playing along.


  22. While you're at it, the same goes for jalapenos.

  23. One thing though. Have you noticed how when you're wearing contact lenses, chopping onions doesn't make you cry? I think that's just great!


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