Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remember when?

.... you were small and you got your first grown up doll.

A Barbie. I do. I remember sitting and playing forever with my Barbies. I remember getting desperately upset when a shoe or a hat or piece of clothing went missing. I remember begging to sew new clothes for my Barbie. I remember my uncle building me a special "closet" with sliding doors for my Barbies and their friends and all their stuff! I remember going to my cousins house and her Barbie had a convertible! I remember getting older and becoming more interested in friends and boys and clothes and makeup. I remember that old closet being covered by a scarf and becoming my night table. I remember my Barbies and things being boxed up and taken to the storage unit. I remember many years later wondering what happened to them.

Meet 1959 Barbie. We were made in the same year! (above)

Now meet Barbie 49 years later!

I do believe she has evolved and grown and changed over the nearly 5 decades of existence. She and I have definitely developed a few wrinkles and a few grey hairs!

Why worry about Barbie today? What is so special about Barbie?

Nothing, no reason. Barbie is just one of many memories over the past 49 years. Today is a day of remembering and reflecting on these past 49 years. Today is my birthday!

Other things I remember ...

learning how to cook by my grandmother's side
going to "help" Daddy on Saturday at the dairy
picking strawberries all summer to earn the money for a swing set
learning to ride a bike
Christmas with aunts and uncle and cousins and grandparents
summers doing rain dances
climbing grandpa's tree
picking wild mushrooms at the farm
hunting squirrels
building snow men
sitting by my mom in church

having my babies
visiting other countries
teaching my daughter to ride a bike
being my son's cub scout leader
watching my son charm adults as youngster
seeing my children grow and develop into wonderful adults

seeing my grandchildren come into the world
watching my mother grow old
meeting my soul mate, sweetie and bff
there are so many memories
nearly a half century of them
to many to name

To myself, today you have permission to remember and reflect!



  1. Came by a circle surfin, and wanted to let you know I bookmarked you on del.ico.us...

  2. Happy birthday!!! thank you for sharing some great menories.

  3. Boldog Szulinapot! (that's Hungarian for happy birthday. ;) )

    You sure have lots of happy memories. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Christina!

    I've not had a Barbie before. I might go get her when my business is more settled, lol.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Loved this post -- I loved Barbies, too!


  6. Happy Birthday Christine! 49 is just a number, I know because soon I will be a year older!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Christina! I love the pic of "older" Barbie! HA!

  8. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading about your Barbie. I don't know what happened to my Barbies. Mom says she didn't throw them out but I don't know! LOL

  9. I remember having many Barbies growing up. Lost them all in 1994, but I had them until I was 18.

  10. Happy birthday! I wish you the best.
    And I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. It looks so nice - attracts and touches my heart. Though I never had played with Barbie, but they may be named my heroes in some sense - I like faerie stories/tales very much and enjoy them till now.
    It's a bit sorrowful for our toys awake just on midnight in these fabulous books. Isn't that simbolical? The tales (our memories) test our faithfulness. So I'm so happy for you recall your Barbie - We both wish you the best.

    Thank you for your vsit to my blog. I hope we will become the pen friends and exchange the links, so to say

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE your memories, thank you for sharing them with us!

    P.S. I wasn't a Barbie person, I had a Holly Hobbie doll and a Mrs. Beasley doll that my mom still has up in her attic...LOL!

  12. Happy birthday!

    I used to steal my sister's barbies and play with them when she was off visiting friends :)

  13. Happy Birthday! There really is a "mature" Barbie. That's so funny. But hey why not. The baby boomers are getting old(er). It's only fitting!

  14. How fun Christina! And happy birthday to you!! ...singing...(you don't want to really hear)
    I wished I knew where my old Barbie doll ended up! Yep, I got one the first year she came out too! I used to sew clothes for her!
    I love you sharing your memories! They certainly are to be treasured!
    Happy Birthday again!
    Love Ya,

  15. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!!

  16. Happy Birthday Christina. You are like the ageless Barbie Doll. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments you left behind. God bless you always.

  17. Happy Birthday! I love barbie and your right she has changed a lot over the years! I hope you enjoy today.

  18. Happy Birthday!!!! It sounds like you've had a WONDERFUL life!

    Renee :)

  19. Happy Birthday.

    I can remember getting my first barbie, the very year I decided I didnt want one because they were
    too pink'.

  20. Happy Happy Birthday! What a beautiful post and what a wonderful life!

    I really enjoyed this snapshot peek into your life!

  21. This is off topic, but just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the A-Z tag. You can get the information from my site. I hope you don't mind.


    I enjoyed your post!

  23. wow awesome barbie dolls.. i love it.. :)

  24. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Would you be interested in a link exchange with my newest blog? It sure could use a little link-love to get up and running and your blog seems to be a somewhat similar niche.

  25. Happy Birthday Christina

    May this one be the best and a template for all the rest!

  26. Hope you hd a great bday! Thanks for stopping by my blog. so nice to meet you. I love hearing about people's memories growing up.

  27. Happy belated birthday, my sweet coffee-crazy friend!! :) I'm so glad you're here and so glad to know you...and so glad you were born!


  28. happy birthday.. I love barbie too I had about 20 of them before, my 3 year old daughter now has 3 of her own. And asking for more.


    Dropping on you entrecard too.

  29. I was never allowed to have a Barbie, too expensive :(

  30. Thanks to everyone for all the great birthday wishes!!!

  31. My first Barbie was my mom's Bubble Cut Barbie. The first new Barbie I had was Western barbie. Thanks for the memory and Happy Birthday


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