Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who do we appreciate????

Why the girls of course..... As many of you know, we brought home our first chicks this spring. What a total delight they have been. We got 9 chicks, thinking that we would be lucky to have 5 of and 4 of the other. Well, we were blessed with 1 rooster, Stew the stud and 8 hens.

They started out in a card board box. Got move out to the greenhouse in Sugar's old crate with a heat lamp. They started to grow ~ FAST! So we designed a portable chicken coop. We (my sweetie) pushes and scoots that coop all over the yard. The chickens always have a clean fresh place to hang out.

Nothing prepared me for the bounty that was soon to appear in the nesting boxes!

Kyle with Hilda. The whole gang!

What is he doing to my sister?

We started out with one egg in August about every other day.
Then maybe 2 in a day. Or even 1 a day.

Then OMYGOSH!!!!

Them gals can't stop layin'!

What do you do?

5-7 eggs each and every day!!!!!

Who can use that many eggs?

What to do?

Help! Calling any and all egg recipes! PLEASE!


  1. Oh man, look at your gorgeous chickens!!! What do you do with all those eggs? Why, you give them to your friend, Robbyn, of course! (lol) Oh, yeah, I don't live just down the block from you. Well, I mean what's a few states away, anyway? (grin!)congratulations on your bounty and all your upcoming pound cakes, omelettes and quiches!


  2. If I were you, I would visit and look up things you could do with eggs. You got custards, quiche, omletts, cake, ect ect.

    There is quite a bit you can do!

  3. Great Pics.
    Chickens are on our to do list!

  4. you could put up a roadside stand and sell the fresh eggs.

  5. oh my,,, even me with my tendency towards scrambled eggs for breakfast can only take so many eggy breakfasts a week... good luck finding things to make with them!!!

  6. What an eggselent post!

    This is eggsactly the right kind of problem to have. But having too many eggstra eggs to eat and eggsperiment with could mean that it's time for the eggsit of a few hens. :)

  7. Omy... I guess I could have worse problems!!!!

    Thanks to all! I have so much fun with my chickens. They all have such different personalities. I don't why I am so amazed at the production of my wonderful ladies!

  8. Russian Easter Bread!!!!

    Look to for recipes. They have a ton!!!


  9. I was GIVING our surplus away..then realized how STUPID that was! I was making tons of Zucchini bread while they were producing consume 3 eggs per got tons of that frozen...then we eat Clili Rellenos a bunch to help decrease the masses in the frig...Cowboy LOVEs that when I do that! Those are a few! Plus boil, boil boil! Have deviled eggs almost every nite..or egg salad sandwiches for lunch..potato salad... Ours slow down to mostly nada in the winters I enjoy while I've got them, but our hens are getting older...they decrease their production by about 20% each year. (BIL raises them...told us far so true)

  10. Congrats on the bountiful egg supply! Try making a "flan" That should do it... =)

  11. Left you a little something at my blog! :)

  12. That's a delicious problem you got. Aside from getting all the egg recipes you can, why don't you just sell your excess eggs to your neighbors. I'm sure they will appreciate the fresh eggs from your little chicken coop. Thanks for the yummy post. God bless you always.

  13. Your chickens are so pretty. I love eggs, you can use to bake cake or make different food that involve eggs :)

  14. Yummy! Yummy! Eggs! Too bad we live so far away!! That is so cool your own fresh eggs from your own chickens! Is Sugar friends with them?
    Your FL furiends,

  15. Old Fashioned Pound Cake: 1 lb butter, 2 1/3 C sugar, 10 eggs, 4 C flour, 1/2 t salt. Cream butter with sugar, add eggs 1 at a time. Sift flour and salt, add to egg mixture in 10 portions, beating well after ea addition. Pour into greased/floured 10" tube pan, bake in preheated 300 degree oven for 2 hours.

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  17. I messed up my last comment!!! Sorry!!!
    I had said, couldn't you sell them to any local markets??

    ~Witchy Mama~

  18. Oh I love free range eggs! Let me see...hard boiled eggs are a great snack! Egg salad sandwiches, fresh eggs on a salad, breakfast burritos, fried egg sandwiches, etc...

    I wish I lived near you!

  19. Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! I think you need to start giving away some eggs.

  20. heya, just passing by from the linkback project. Love the chickens.

  21. Christina,

    Pickled hardboiled prserved in Salvation Army quart canning jars. Run a batch once a week. Drop in some spice. Make a label. Your little problem will disappear.



  22. I bet those eggs taste better than any old store bought eggs!


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