Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Spill the Beans"

Okay.... everyone knows~ I hate GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS!!!! Monsanto is worse than a murderer. Ely Lilly has taken over rBGH.

Why can't we as consumers be assured that we are getting our foods the way we want them. It is vertually impossible to buy raw milk anywhere. Who knows if the corn we buy at the grocery is GM or not. What about soy? Soy is in everything these days.

I grow as much of my own food as I can. I buy as local as I can. I would love to have my own cows and pigs, but that is in the future.

I want to know that my grandkids are getting healthy non GMO foods at school.

The government does not require labeling for using GMO products. There are not enough voluntary labeling for non GMO. I promise you. If there are 2 products side by side, and one says non GMO, I WILL BUY IT!

But anyway, the new Organic Consumers Association newsletter is out....

This Article is a must read. This is the source of the article.

There are tons of great articles there! Sign up for your own copy of the newsletter here!


  1. I really like soy. It's a good source of protien (sp) although some soy foods like soy sauce are high in salt/sodium so you may have to be careful if you're on a low sodium diet.

    But the thing that really sold me on soy (other than my love of Asian food) is that studies show that Japanese woman don't experience hot flashes and a lot of the symptons that Western women (who don't have a high soy diet like their Eastern sisters) experience during menapause.

  2. Oh thank you for that wonderful site! What a GREAT article!

    I worry about GMO foods and can't believe how our society just blindly accepts these products --- blissfully ignoring the dangers.

    It's terrifying, isn't it?


  3. Christina, I am so grateful our daughter is conscience about this and how she feeds her family. Most of her food comes from a healthfood type store...and I'm glad she can afford to shop there! It's more spendy, but she is comfortable and careful how she shops.

  4. i always fear that we might grow an extra limb or something if we keep eating all these engineered food.

  5. I live in PA and we are still allowed to buy raw milk here. I don't know for how long because the FDA are getting worst every day.
    For soy product just make sure they are organic. Commercialize soy is not good for you either. So be careful about it.

  6. I accept GM food, but not blidnly. People can disagree without assume one side or the other are not doing their research, understandign what they read, and acting ethically. They may just have different outlooks and priorities.


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