Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Evening in Four Oaks

A View from my Front Porch.....

Well, it looks like Ike is gonna tear  up the gulf...  at this point he could
make landfall anywhere from the Florida panhandle to the Texas Coast...
New Orleans is in the middle, who knows??????

Have a great week Everybody!


  1. the picture looks pretty, but sadly the depth of drama in the picture is because of the oncoming storm? anyway, i hope your area will be far from ike's path. thanks for the message you left in my blog and also for advertising in it.

  2. thanks for having me on your blog! i too have a passion for coffee! as a matter of fact, i need some now! stay safe in the storm!

  3. My husband is in Louisiana right now doing storm work. He helps put power lines back up.

    They are hoping it doesn't do much damage anywhere. I hope not either. I don't want any more people hurt, and I'd like him home soon.

    You are welcome by the way. Thank you for advertising on my blog.

  4. Beautiful sunset! We are glad Hannah didn't do much harm to you guys! Hi Sugar how are you doing? We missed IKE so we are happy, but sad for who ever it hits! Have a lovely week!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. Christina, what a ominously beautiful pix! (You should frame that!)
    Boy, this hurrican season is keeping everyone in the S E on their toes! I wish safety for everyone!

  6. The picture is gorgeous but the sadness shows. The tree feels the upcoming storm i think.. Thanks for advertising and commenting on my blog. Hope to see u more often..

    God bless!


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