Saturday, September 6, 2008

She already gone.....

Hanna has come and gone.
My power went out last night, but was on by 9 am.
We got 4.2 inches of rain.
It knocked dowm most of my sunflowers(they were in their last days...)
There has been some flooding.  Silly drivers going through the drainage under the overpasses were stalling out.  Some sense is required when driving after a heavy rain!  DUH
I haven't heard of any serious damage or injuries.  The areas prone to flash flooding ~  did!  But they flood at less.   It looks like Hanna has made it through Virginia and is off shore.  I hope everyone is  safe and dry....  Take care!

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  1. I'm so glad you faired so well!
    You know, in AZ, they have the "STUPID DRIVER" law, seriously. Big time ticket for driving in flooded roads & stalling out...heftier costs if they have to fetch you!
    Will 'Ike' miss you?
    Take care of yourself!


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