Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Today there is a campaign for Human Rights at Bloggers Unite. I tend to get on soap boxes at times. I read their campaign. It is associated with Amnesty International. Don't get me wrong. There are injustices world wide. I just believe that we need to work on Human Rights HERE at home. ( Where ever your home is) If everyone takes care of home.... the world will be a better place. That being said my two latest soap boxes....DNA Piracy you can read what I wrote here. Don't get me started on Monsanto (who is stepping all over human rights world wide!)

Visit Amnesty International, there are some very real issues going on in the world. Violence Against women. Childrens Rights. Katrina Survivors. Many More.... Pick one and blog about it.

Bloggers Unite

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  1. An excellent post! You are absolutely right -- we take our freedoms for granted and then forget that there are people all over the world who cannot worship freely and must worry about the safety of their children.

    As a medical missionary, I've seen too many examples of human rights violations to name. Too many to ever take my freedoms and rights for granted.

    I love that you posted this accept your challenge. I will make a post about these very important issues, too.



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