Thursday, May 15, 2008

Coop Construction

Coop Construction
We had some previously used pvc frames (5'x10' about 4'high).
I covered the ends, one side and half of a side with 4' chicken wire.
On the other half side, I used 2' chicken wire.
Along the top, where the half side of 4' was, I ran a length of 2'.
That totally wired up the open space.
On the other end, I covered the frame with a heavy duty tarp.
I left one side loose. The other side was zip tied down.
On the loose side, where the 2' is, we use bungie cords.
This way we can open and close the coop to feed and water.
When they get old enough to lay eggs, we have a nest box that will fit on one side of the roosts.
We will be able to gather the eggs from the loose side.
We put scrap lumber around the base to staple the chicken wire down!
It is very easy to move. The ladder and roosts are screwed in so they lift with the unit.
Just lift a bit and scoot!

For my friends at Small Meadow Farm. I really appreciate all the great information you provide for us! Keep up the great work! Christina


  1. Being that I am a ROTTEN blogging friend, I am only just now getting to visit blogs today. We went to the market, attended the Columbus Disability Day ceremony, and then went to several meetings before making laundry detergent.

    I love this post!

    Your chicken tractor is totally neat. I like yours much better than ours (don't tell Josh). Ours is very heavy while yours looks much more manageable.

    Blessings to you, my friend!


  2. I wondered if that was how you were getting into the coop! I just couldn't tell for sure with the other pics. Super Thanks for showing me! Good idea :-) Every door idea we have used has been "inconvenient" (to put it politely) This may be the ticket to efficient watering and feeding.
    I can try it out soon with my new chicks. I got some new ones hatched yesterday and need to get pics of them.
    Thanks again!

  3. What a great idea! love it :)


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