Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Morning in Four Oaks

Today was a day for mowing the law.
My poor sweetie.... he would really love a riding mower!
A straight on view of the garden.
The garlic is really looking fantastic this year.
Back half of the garden.
The yuckra did not germinate. (maybe I cursed it)
But the sweetie is gonna try again.

My faery forest!

It greats vistors when the come in the drive.

I think the dusty millers have turned into trees!

The basil in the aquaponics is doing well.
There is also a couple of brocoli and some spinich.
The tomato is kinda iffy.

The ferns are doing great. The weather has been perfect for them.

We have netted chains, ladies, cinnamons, christmas, red stem, and a few more.

They make a great shade ground cover!

If you are interested, we sell on ebay. homestead*creations.

The sunflowers are really growing.

I can't wait for the flowers to bloom!

The birds will love them too!

The chickens still fasinate me! They are so hillarious. It is better than tv! The 3 NH reds have names. The rooster is "Stew"! The darker hen is "Hilda". She is the show off and star of the coop. When she sees us coming, she runs up the steps, down the perch and flies off the end. The lighter red is so prim and proper, I named her "Myrtle" after my grandmother. The others will probably be named as their personalities show. But I do love my chicks!
And no post would be complete without mention of my constant companion, protector of chickens, Sugar. She is, as I post, laying on her favorite green cushion next to me!

To all my blog friends, I hope you had a fulfilling and restful weekend! Mine starts tomorrow!

Take care! Happy blogging! Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

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  1. Your basil really does look great! Mine isn't up yet. Well... they are little baby basil -- they'll catch up one of these days!

    Our tomato plants have really grown lately. Looks like yours have too! In a few weeks, our neighbors will have to lock their doors to keep from finding tomatoes on their seats!



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