Monday, May 5, 2008

Poetry Contribution!

Now I don't know much about poetry. A blog friend does much poetry. She has inspired me. Visit her blog CraftyGreenPoet for a real treat.

Green Skys

As I peer
Far and near
Through the clear green sky
In this early morn
The traffic is little
The Orange rings
Around the triple moons
Shine brightly
I smile

I thought and thought and thought, then I thought some more.
I really am poetry ignorant. I need to research. So much I want to do--not enough time.
So Scifaiku, maybe not, but this is my contribution to Science Fiction Poetry challenge!
Ps.... I am having fun!


  1. The fun is the important part!

    I really like your poem and how the three rings make you smile. The mention of traffic grounds it and helps put the reader in the poem.

  2. i've never done sci-fi poetry, either, but i was thinking about what you said about being new, in general to poetry. sci-fi poetry may be good training ground for poets.

    here, in this piece, you create a known emotion (joy) in an unknown/new/fresh place. that's good poetry no matter what genre. if you can create something from nothing and infuse it with emotion: you've got it!

    glad you're having fun!

  3. Having fun is most important while writing.

    Not all of us are tragedy queens/kings!

    clawing crawlies

  4. Having fun is important in writing poetry! I enjoyed your poem and the world it creates.

    Thanks for the link too!

  5. I'd never written poetry until a couple of months ago. Throw yourself in, have fun, and you'll surprise yourself.

  6. Your poem is lovely! I love the image the lines "The Orange rings/Around the triple moons" create.

  7. is a beauty... writing is all abt having fun.. i agree...

  8. I like this.

    And ignorance of poetry is no reason not to play with writing it anyway! I'm glad you had fun.


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