Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garden Update Four Oaks, North Carolina

Spring is truely here!
The plants are growing like weeds!

Basil in the aquaponics beds.

Garlic and collards
Cabernet grapes
(we lost one this winter)

Sunflowers in front of the porch
Bush beans

The first planting of corn is showing. The gourds are looking fantastic. We have sooooo many strawberries that it is difficult to try to eat them all! (Sooo many burdens--I don't know how I do it!) The tomatoes are looking great. I got an egg plant this year! Yeah! I hope all you gardeners out there are planting away! (We use a no till system. We grow cover crops in the winter (rye) and only make rows. We also mulch with leaves and hay. We try to disturb the ground as little as possible.)

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  1. We never seem to do well with our gardend, except watermelon, I seem to not be able to kill that one!! Last year, we had to have some dirt hauled in, and our garden wasn't doing anything, so my husband grated over it with the tractor while spreading the dirt around. A few weeks later, I had watermelons growning wild all over the back yard. It never would grow before the garden was disturbed.

    I need to check in to this no till gardening, I have never heard of it


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