Monday, May 5, 2008

Days "Off"

Monday and Tuesday are my days off from my mundane job. So we do alot of living on those 2 days....

Aquaponic update

Tilapia are hard to come by. So we got goldfish instead. Aclimated them to the barrel and they have a new home. We have 1 little tomato plant in the grow bed. Now we can plant the rest.

Chick update

They are growing sooooo fast. They took to their new home very quickly. We have the heat lamp fixed up out there and they cuddle up at night. They use the ramp and love their perch.

Kyle update

My youngest son took a trip to Florida to see his brother and sister. We picked him up at the airport today. He will spend a couple of days with us.

Around the yard update

Dragonflies and butterflies are out. Mourning doves visit regularly. All the birds will be glad when the sunflowers bloom.

Sugar update

She is still cute and adorable. If I have my camera in hand, there are always new pictures snapped!

Have a great day! Your Friend -- Christina

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  1. I'm so glad that you found fish! I actually did a few Google searches and the best I could find was a pond-stocking program through your state's agriculture program. That is WAY too many fish for you though. Perhaps you could split a load with a friend who has a pond in future? Of course, goldfish certainly produce enough waste to be of use!

    The ramp is perfect for the little chicks! We have one too that Josh made from bamboo but they have already started to fly up into the coop. They grow so fast!

    Welcome home, Kyle!



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