Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lacy--This one is for you!

I can't believe how fast they grow!

They love to run up ramp and then jump off the end of the perch!
They are so hilarious that I spend half the time rolling on the ground laughing my a** off!
I caught one in mid flap!
This one is a buff orpington.
A barred rock and NH red.
The red is the only one I know for sure that is a rooster.
I call him "chicken soup"! "Here take my picture!"
The perch--the best entertainment in the world!
Sugar, on guard as always!

The coop is working out great!

We move it every couple of days.

Our lawn will be the best fertilized lawn in the neighborhood!

The nights are still cool enough and the chicks young enough, that we still use the heat lamp.

The love the half rotten strawberries and winter rye seed heads.

They are total hams for the camera.


  1. All right! They are just terrific little things -- and growing so fast!

    I love "chicken soup" and that Sugar is so faithful!

    Yippee! A post just for me!!


  2. Hi:
    Thanks for the link to my post---everyone needs to know about the DNA issue don't they?
    Really what I wanted to ask the other day though and didn't is how do you get your water in and out. Do you have a door that I can't see?
    Really like your movable pen though---very nice. You could use that for rabbits too I think. We used an open bottom/movable pen for rabbits and chickens before but it was too heavy and hard to move. Yours looks much easier. So how bout a pic of that door? :-D


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