Saturday, July 12, 2008

What To On The Homestead Between Chores...


What is Cribbage you might ask? Just a board with pegs and holes and a deck of cards.....

Yeah, there is more to it than that. You have to be able to count! Deal 6 cards to each player. ( you can have upto 4~our board only has two lanes). The dealer is the "crib" holder. Each player keeps 4 cards and puts 2 in the "crib". A player who is not the "crib" holder cuts a card from the remaining deck. That card is used in each players hand during that round of play. A jack cut is always 2 points to the "crib" holder. The pegs start out in home base, as you score points you move your peg the number of holes of the points you scored. Points are scored a number of ways. Runs of three or more. (you can have double or more runs) Also pairs, trips and 4 of kind scores. And combinations of card that add up to 15.
This particular hand is a quadruple run. 4 runs of 3 cards = 12 points 2 pairs = 4 points and 4 combinations of 15 = 8 points For a total of 24 points.... this is a great hand!
This is the primo ~ best hand ever~ the one to kill for!
THE 29 HAND 8 15's for 16 points 6 pairs of 5s for 12 points and the NIBS for 1 point. When you have a jack that matches the cut card it is 1 point.

Here are some sites with more details.... It is a fun game. More interesting than TV & cheaper than the movies. It's something to do when it's raining and you can't be outside! Try it ~ have fun!

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  1. We LOVE cribbage! Play it ALL the time! When the kids were small, we taught them...our Son now holds the 'family championship' for all these years! Can't beat him at cribbage or checkers for the life of us!!! LOL!
    Hey, Christina, FedEx just showed up 1/2 hr ago! Guess what I got?!!
    Going to try them as soon as I finish off the pot I already am in the process of drinking! MMMM THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!

  2. Glad you got your coffee.... please enjoy it.... there would be no life without coffee or cribbage!


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