Friday, July 25, 2008

Green News from impNERD

Here is the link to a blog post I really enjoyed.

Top 10 Least Talked About Green Technologies

He talks about inflatable solar collectors and solar ovens. He shows graphics of molten salt storage. Bio diesel is a big deal these days... how about from algae. Different ways to harness wind and use of turbines. Painting windows? This is my favorite.... a soft house: turn the sun’s energy into electricity by using textiles. Go ahead.... check out impNERD. He's got links tied to all of these subjects... tell him Christina at CoffeeCoffeeCoffee sent you!


  1. I personally think solar and wind energy are potential great sources of energy for countries all over the world to tap into..will solve many power crises globally..

  2. hey there girlie :) what's his link?


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