Sunday, July 13, 2008

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Live Earthworms

Compost Gardening Fishing Worms

Put these amazing little creatures to work for you. I do not till my soil but rather maintain a thick layer of mulch that feeds the earthworms and in turn, the earthworms feed the soil. I found that tilling just brings new weed seeds to the surface to spout. The mulch also holds the moisture in and makes it difficult for weeds to sprout.

Live Earthworms at The Original Coffee Company


  1. Thanks for the tip!

    I love earthworms. When I was a kid I used to try and keep them as pets along with black fuzzy caterpillars. I learned the hard way that they like nature much better. I once spent days crying over a caterpillar I accidentally suffocated ( I didn't know that holes in the jar were absolutely necessary). After that I never kept them in jars again, but I still wanted to "play" with them.


  2. I love that you compost with your little worms!

  3. I love seeing worms in my soil too! I have so many, too bad I didn't have place to 'market' them for fishing! Awwww, that's Ok tho. They do a good job here at my place...

  4. Love compost and mulch! If you see worms, you're doing something right :)

  5. Are you talking about on your yard or in flowerbed type areas where dirt is exposed? What kind of mulch do you use?

    Recently I'm really loving working in the yard, and want to be good to the earth while I make it look beautiful!

    So do you buy these & just drop them around your yard? We have a few already - maybe breaking up this thick clay soil will help the worms, too.

  6. Wendy,

    We have added worms to our garden and flowerbeds. Worms do help break up the clay. You just have give them a protected area. and Give them food to eat. They like breads and veggie scraps. Stay away from meats and fats and to many onions or garlic. We have worm beds that we grow our worms in. We use the castings from these beds to add to the soil in our garden and flowerbeds also. Thanks for the comment. I hope this helped. Christina

  7. Thanks Christina! That was a big help. Our soil is heavy clay and hard to grow grass - I had no idea that worms would help. Thank you!


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