Monday, July 21, 2008

Stop Genetically Engineerd Sugar!

Show your support! Sign the letter at Organic Consumers Association. Read the article Stop Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets follow the link at the end to show your support. Read more about Kellogg's and their role in the use of GE sugars in their products here.

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Do you want to know where your state stands? Just look here!

Want to take a stand? Sign this petition.

Petition to Support U.S. Food Agenda 2015

By signing this petition , I call on U.S. elected officials, political candidates, and regulatory agencies to pursue the following three public policies:

(1) Moratorium on all genetically engineered foods & crops unless adequate safety-testing proves they are safe for human health & the environment. The FDA should require all GE foods to be labeled and safety-tested.

(2) Begin the phase-out of industrial agriculture's damaging practices by banning the most dangerous pesticides as well as hormone implants, antibiotics and rendered animal protein in animal feed. Ban corporate feedlots and intensive confinement of farm animals.

(3) Implement a long-term "transition to organic" program to shift agricultural production in the US from chemical-intensive, industrial farming to at least 30% organic by the year 2015.

Sign it.... Be proactive.... Find out what the government is allowing to happen to our foods!

Thanks again to Robbyn at The Back Forty, she is always keeping me on my toes!


  1. These genetically modified foods they're pushing at us seem quite dangerous to me. When will we learn to stop messing with nature.

    p.s thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Have a great day

  2. Thanks for sharing this, It's frightening what "the man" is doing all in the name of big business.

  3. You're doing a lot to get the word out...great post!!! (I'm just now catching up with a week's worth of blog reading I wasnt able to do...sorry so late!)


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