Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Words from Mexico

My son, Brian, who is in grad school at the University of Florida, took off for Mexico the 22nd of June. Well, FINALLY, some communication from him. He posted this entry on his my space blog. I thought I would share it with you! (picture of said son and his nieces, my grandbabies!)

[08 Jul 2008 Tuesday]

- Merida, Mexico Current mood: accomplished
Hello, my friends and
family! Buenos dias! I am completely enjoying myself in the Yucatan, at my home
in Merida. Mama Margarita takes care of me, always ensuring I have had enough
grains and vegetables to eat, and enough sodium to help keep me hydrated.
Mondays, Tuesdays and Wedsdays are school days...Ecology/Anthropology and
Spanish. Classes are going well. The weekends are for excursions, and they (two
so far) have been wonderful. Before a single day in the classroom we all set out
for the carribean coast, visiting the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam, Tulum and Coba.
They were beautiful and reverent. The sights have been breathtaking, and the
work involved in climbing to the top of some of them has been well worth the
effort. The heat and humidity here is insane, though! It's a lot of work to stay
healthy and protected from the sun. This past weeked we went along the Puuc
Route, visiting more ruins, some cenotes and caves, and generally having some
other wonderful experiences. One of the sweetest parts of the trip so far has
been all the maverick women we've met. From women initiating community building
projects (a school for the young and a recycled paper operation to support it)
against the tradition of the region to a woman who divorced her husband and is
spearheading an effort to teach women to keep successful kitchen gardens and
keep bees. We also visited a regional school for ecological agriculture, and
toured the facility - which is almost completely self-sufficient. We've packed a
lot in so far, and I'm excited for more! Pictures (spectacular) coming


  1. What an experience for him! That is so cool! (Bet you were on pins & needles until "word" came from him! I know that feeling) And your Grandbabies? They DO love their Uncle I can see, What cuties!

  2. This is an awsome post! I'm going to let my teen read this. I've been encouraging her to study abroad when she goes to college.

  3. oh wow, that's great! I went overseas at about his age and it changed me a lot (for the better) :)

    Hey, I have a daughter about his age...hmmm... ;-)

  4. Hello! You stopped by an left a comment on my weightloss blog. I appreciate it. I just wanted to tell you that you need to take that widget off your other blog. I think you are violating EC TOS and they are cracking down.

    All the best.


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