Friday, July 18, 2008

Powerful Words.....

There is a blog I absolutely adore... unfortunately her blog and my computer do not get along well. Well today, I has access to another computer and got to read some of her recent posts. YEAH!

At life in the lost world... I read jaydee's post the battle is going mainstream... talking about finding a non gmo product and the post why i do what i do... in this post she referred to a post by Granny Miller, Why I Do It talking about why it is better to raise your own food (meat, especially) I am no where as eloquent as either of these ladies. Please visit their blogs and read their words. I am profoundly affected by both of the ladies.

We are in the process of building a homestead. We garden (organically), we raise chickens (for eggs and eventually meat), and we are planning the pigs....

links to blogs and post here

life in the lost world

post ~ "the battle is going mainstream"

post~ "why i do what i do"

Granny Miller

post~ "Why I Do It"

UPDATE.... This is the last time I try to post from work..... It was formatted all wrong.... I hope I got it more readable! But even if you can't read me.... READ THEM!!!!!!


  1. I love Jayedee's site, too! She has a recipe for fudge made from pinto beans (honest!) that I WILL be trying soon, btw...

    Christina, is it just my computer, or is your font size on this post gi-normous? lol ;-)

  2. She has a music player on her site... think this might be what's messing you up? You should tell her - she might have no idea ppl don't have access.

  3. Tried to reformat the post.... did this one a quickie from work.... won't do that again!.... lol

  4. Wow, thoes are some good references. I'll have to pass them on to a friend who is very into sustainable living ( You two have lots in common!


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