Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Entrecard ROCKS your blog's comments!

I know several of you who have been following me for a little while have seen my blog go through some growing pains.... I added EntreCard about a month ago. It is a tool to generate more traffic. I have enjoyed it and learned alot and met many new bloggers who are now regular reads of mine.

Here is a little bit about EntreCard and SezWho. If you click on the text, it will take to the sites!

What is the value of networking through Entrecard?

Entrecard provides a unique networking platform for owners of blogs. When you receive a card in your inbox, it isn't from Grandma checking up on her sonny. It is from someone who owns an operates a blog, just like you. Someone motivated, like you, eager to make connections, branch out, and do what it takes to find success on the net. These are some of your most valuable readers, because they in turn have influence over audiences themselves. So go forth and network in confidence that you are making the right kinds of connections.

EntreCard and SezWho have joined forces to make a more powerful force in the blogging world.

What is SezWho?

SezWho is a universal profile service that engages your community and enables content discovery. SezWho is all about making the Social Web truly social. SezWho enables content rating, universal user profiles, and reputation-based content discovery to be added to any social media site. The SezWho service works with blogs, forums, wikis, video/picture sharing sites, discussion boards and anywhere else where people contribute content and engage in conversations. SezWho is focused on delivering benefits to all participants in social media interactions: . Readers can easily distinguish credible content and commentary, and they can follow contributors as they participate on social media sites across the web . Contributors gain web-wide recognition for their insights and expertise, with a universal profile that accumulates a record of all their contributions, across all communities . Site-Owners and Publishers can spotlight and leverage informative, high-quality content to engage their communities and drive traffic
Read more about the venture of EntreCard and SezWho here.

Visit Joe Tech.com to learn more!

Top 10 reasons why the Entrecard - SezWho partnership is Important for Bloggers

Join in the Entrecard Craze....


  1. greetings!

    thnak you for the blog visit and comments. This scoop on entrecard and sez who is a must read so thanks for the lead.

    good wishes,

  2. oh i come back here heheh... hope you don't mind that I link your photos on sez who and entrecard to my blog...

    i followed your comment (the last/bootm most at entrecard) and blog entry to find myself again here hehehe


  3. this partnership will be double benefit for bloggers.. 1st benefit is that we can earn upto 5000 entrecard credits and 2nd benefit, there will be more and more people interacting and commenting at our blogs which will eventually increase our traffic...

    check my post on this partnership at:


  4. Yes it is true this will bring a big impact to all bloggers especially new ones. I love what entrecard did to all bloggers and i am thankful for this happened.

  5. I'm pretty excited about this new partnership as well. It will be good for discipline, both in asking for comments in a blog post as well as being more aware that commenting is good in countless ways.

  6. Nice compilation of EC & SezWho info... I can't wait to see how the partnership impact my blog!

    I suppose you get what you give. The more us EC users put into commenting & rating the more we will benefit in EC credits.

  7. I'm excited about this partnership! Entrecard helped bring more people to my blog so I'm hoping sezwho will bring more people to comment on my stuff. Not because I'm begging for comments but because the stuff I write comes from the heart!

  8. I love it too!! Its nice to know people actually stop and read & even take a look around. I try to comment when I can, now there is extra incentive. I am grateful for that!!

  9. It seems to have a bit of a bug on Blogger blogs. The rating selection is not showing up right. I have added it to my blog as well. I'm not sure how long it'll stay there, though. Maybe the kinks will iron out and it could prove to be a valuable tool. I guess only time will tell, right?!


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