Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sitting here with my coffee and Technorati

Rambling and Ranting from a Crazy person.... haaaaheeeehoooo (are you sure you want to read this?)

I don't know how important Technorati is. But we all like to measure. How many visitors. Rate this. Rate that. etc etc....

Well, I picked up a few friends at bloglog and fuelme.. blogcatalog has been pretty active along. I put a couple of counters on a couple of months or so ago. I ditched one. The one I have up now says that I have had 2,111 visits... pretty cool, since sometime in May, I think. On June 6th I add a post about the Technorati Experiment. My rating was 7 at the time. On July 8th, I got in on the ground floor of the New LinkBack Project. My technorati has gone from 24 to 85 in 9 days.... Amazing.

Now with EntreCard and SezWho, I am getting more comments. I don't know. Why blog? Who cares? I don't know. I enjoy it. But is it really worth the time? Who's life has been enriched by reading my words. Yeah, I know some of you like my photos. I would love to generate some income from the time I have invested. My contest has only had a few participants. (I have one person that I met because of the contest~a fellow coffee lover, that is fantastic. I guess the time, the effort has been justified by that.)

I really would like to get more traffic to the website. I was hoping that I could generate more income there. I have a second site on the verge of opening. Will it just get lost in the see of amateur dot coms out there? Will people be interested in my product? I don't know. Just rambling on.

At one time in my life, I had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom/wife/person. I could have taken the innitiative and done it. I would be where I really want to be now. Now, it just seems very, very far away. Don't get me wrong.... I finally have a great job. One that has ethics close to my own, where I can make a decent living. I just want to have the time to bake the bread, earn a little $, tend the garden, earn a little $. Being outside the home, home stuff just doesn't get the priority it should.

Well thanks for reading my rambles today. Don't feel sorry for me. I just needed to write. And you, lucky readers, got to read it! I hope everyone has a great day! Blog ON!


  1. Tocco you know your first statement had me glued to reading it. My Sezwho is still not working happily with my blogger. I too have done the experiment, after months of struggling I am feeling pretty confident. My rating is 63, since I bought my domain my other URL has the ten that are the old me. SAHM is a wonderful gig if you can swing it, you have to commit to having less moula, and sometimes you swear the kids are not worth your time. But overall it was a great decision for me. I plan to become the breadwinner when Hubby retires.

  2. If you want the blog to make money and generate more traffic you need to search out ways of making it happen.

    The key to my success has been blogging FOR the readers. What do they want to read? How does your blog provide this? Etc...

    Just some thoughts for ya.

  3. I am a coffee drinker too! Without my coffee and my chocolate life around will be miserable. Things won't get done and the kids could end up being left to tend each other as I could end up passed out!
    Sometimes just writing is a good thing. In fact that is how most of my posts are born anyways. Need to empty the brain to get things done!

  4. I didn't start blogging to make money. I'd like more traffic, but that just because I'm insecure. The one blog that impresses me on the money making front is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, but I frequent your blog more that I do hers. Does that count for anything?


  5. Kathy... thanks. I just sometimes wish I weren't tied to the job. I do have a great job. I need to take some time this summer. But when I am not there, I am not making $$$, with an online interprise, you can make the $ anywhere. LOL

    dirtylaundrydiva...I have some regular readers. My #'s are getting better. I just don't see and adsense clicks which is the main ad space I have. The original reason I started the blog was to drive traffic to my coffee site... NOT working... I will just have to think of better ways.

    momto4kidsny.... thanks... if it weren't for coffee, I would not be human. Yes, sometimes you just need to get it off your chest!

    Mayre.... you were one of my first readers that actually commented. I will treasure that always and it means mucho mucho much that you visit!!! Thank you, my friend. I will check out that blog.

    Have a great nite all.... Christina

  6. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Okra is the veggie of the gods! You will love it, really just taste it and you'll be hooked!

  7. Hey TOCCO~ do people REALLY make $$ blogging? You could, you have a product to sell....which by the way, had the house blend today...Mmm GOOD! Do like the Sumatra for I have a cup in hand right now.

    PS...if 'Pioneer Woman" is making $$ maybe I should check out her site..I just don't go there altho it seems to be in everyones blogroll...takes too long to load, & few other reasons.
    Figure out the $$ thing, drop a few hints my way.. :)
    Hey! You've got me it or not!

  8. I started blogging to drive traffic to my jewelry site, it didn't work well either. Now I blog because I enjoy it. I have though about trying to make some $ here, but have shyed away as I feel sometimes that I spend far too much time with it already. I may consider it in the future tho. I am a coffee lover as well.

  9. I, for one, am glad to have found your blog through Entrecard...

    So I've tagged you for a meme.

    Obviously, it's not a must, but it would be nice to know more about you.


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