Thursday, July 17, 2008

Millions Against Monsanto

I know this really great Lady, her name is Robbyn of The Back Forty, she has a blog that has so opened my eyes. A few months ago I first hear about a company called Monsanto, the most recognizable product they put out is a herbicide called RoundUp. How many of us have grabbed a bottle of that to kill a weed or two around the house? Guilty. I was not always so enlightened. But if that was all this multi national corporation had done to the peoples of this world, it would still be bad.

Unfortunately, these are really, really, really BAD people.

They take our food seed and chop up the dna and rearrange it. Tell us we can only use certain things to produce it with. Sue us, when we are not using their GMO seed, if we accidentally get a seed from one their strains in our fields. Contaminate crops world wide so that native species can no longer be grown while the inhabitants of that area starve. And it goes on......

Anyway here is the link to Robbyn's article ~ it is a must read for anyone interested in having a say in our future food production. Yes~this can does affect us NOW in our lives. Food costs and availability are directly related to Monsanto's immoral and unethical and criminal behavior!

"Debunking The Propaganda: Genetically Modified Plants No Answer to the World Food Crisis"

I get really mad and upset when I think of the travesties that are allowed to happen.

Links to some past posts on this subject. Once again.... and Bio Engineered.....

Thank you Robbyn!


  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out, Christina! I'm simply doing the same thing you and a lot of folks are...passing along the information that we've been unaware of for way too long, making sure others understand what we stand to lose if we don't open our eyes. There are so many informative sites out there. One of the most sobering things to me is how this is being done in a very unregulated labels required for foods already using genetically-altered ingredients. We're not talking about hybridization...we're talking about scientifically removing sections of DNA and inserting UNLIKE plants or creatures' DNA right in there...something God never allowed nature to do itself...cross different species or even families...this is horrific. Is there squid in your potatoes, pig in your broccoli?? It's Big Ags big sell to a mono-culture obsessed consumer market rather than a diverse regional artisanal one. So far, these guys have a track record of being bullies and involving our government in promoting these **UNTESTED**UNACCOUNTABLE/UNLABELED** stuffs worldwide...we've crossed the sci-fi threshold and had better begin regaining some ground before we have no footing to hold on to any more

    I'm an opinionated old gal, eh? So glad to see folks beginning to ask questions and take action :)

  2. I fear what the future holds for our children! They are already trying to push this sort of thing down our throats now. I have no use for seeds or plants or food that has been altered to suit some white coat oil salesman.
    I don't want to spam you but I found some answers to your questions about the comments and posted it on my blog. Thank you for coming over to my place too!

  3. Thanks for posting this article. It is very important information for people to know.

    My family is vegetarian for much of the same reason. A lot of people ask us "why?" and they are always surprised to hear that the reasons are mostly political.

    But it's sad that in our modern world, that a consumer has to be on top of it to know whats going on, because the rich guys make such a big effort to pull the wool over our eyes with skewed media. And sadly, I would say, that they are doing a pretty good job.

    The worst part is that talking to people about food consumption can be like trying to talk to them about religion. Most people would rather be ignorant about what they put in their mouths than understand the implications beyond the fat and calorie content of the food.


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